New Communications Technology Keeps Competition Alive

New Communications Technology Keeps Competition Alive



Technology time is different than normal time during periods of daily breakthroughs in innovation and invention. If you are still using computers, database operations, servers, spreadsheets, and software that were being used five or six years ago, that\’s like driving a Model T that you crank to start on an interstate with average speeds of 75-80 miles per hour. You are soon going to be left behind or parked by the side of the road wondering why the tow-truck driver is laughing at you.


It\’s possible to upgrade communication using cell phone plans that provide mobility and access, but usually these become increasingly expensive. Accessibility is a key factor to keeping an edge in competitive markets, but there are cheaper and more streamlined solutions available through Avaya phone systems. Miami providers can help to customize features for any type of business in order to streamline the customer service experience that clients have when they call your number. Providing a variety of modalities for clients for service, including invoicing and payment, can make the difference between keeping clients, gaining new ones, and going out of business due to more savvy competitors. Any company or organization that keeps using old technology to meet communication needs will lose the capacity to take advantage of the potential for greater productivity, which translates to new clients. Avaya phone systems



partners with providers to assist small and mid-size businesses find more efficient solutions. State-of-the-art Internet and smart phone equipment can create seamless, customized, and efficient communication systems.

Numerous features are available using Avaya phone systems in Miami, many of which may also be available on traditional phone lines or cell phone plans. The key difference is that they are streamlined for your particular business needs, and they cost much less than traditional services. Avaya phone systems in Miami also offers features that traditional phone systems could never replicate, such as service quota, phone system quotas, call intrude, embedded voicemail, messaging facilities, hot desking, and numerous others. Mobile twinning through Avaya phone systems in Miami also provides the ability to go mobile. Your smart phone can become an extension of your office number, which means you do not need to provide more than one number to clients. This is especially useful for sales positions, so that calls are directed back to the salesperson rather than lost in a company site-wide system. Updating to Avaya phone systems in Miami is good for business and is an investment that can save small-and-mid-sized business owners money while making them more efficient and profitable at the same time. Avaya Phone Systems Miami

– Headquartered in Pompano Beach, FL, Forma Technology is a full service telecommunications company and an industry leader in small, midsize, and enterprise business phone systems. Forma Technology employs some of the industry\’s top highly certified specialists who can assist small and mid-size businesses in increasing productivity through the implementation of Avaya phone systems in Miami.

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