Best 5 Accessories That Match Your Blackberry Storm 2 9550 Phone

Submitted by: John Comb

Using Blackberry Storm 2 9550 Phone is an exciting experience. Since we are living in this fast changing world, it is indeed important for us to keep our smart phone at tip-top condition so that we are able to utilize all the special features at optimum level. Currently, there are many useful accessories offered by Blackberry and you are encouraged to get some to assist you in your daily life.

Different people have different needs and requirements. Hence, Blackberry has been designing a wide variety of great accessories to suit different individuals. I am here to introduce to you 5 best items which you should not miss.

Item No. 1: Wireless Headset HS-700

What is special about this headset? It puts your voice in command. You just need to turn on the headset and it will talk to you. It will guide step by step on how to manage incoming and outgoing calls easily with your voice. The best part is its automatic volume control. When you are located at a noisy place, the industry-leading noise-cancellation technology helps to ensure that your words are not lost along the way and you will have clear conversation all the time. For people who need to visit sites or factories frequently, getting this special headset will help to solve your communication problems.


Item No. 2: Blackberry Presente

Are you doing sales? I know you are a professional sales person. In order to give better impression to your clients and bosses, you need Blackberry Presenter. By getting the little tool, you will be able to deliver your sales presentations with ease. You can now leave your laptop behind when you are traveling abroad. You just need to plug this presenter into an LCD projector or a monitor. You can then present your Microsoft PowerPoint files wirelessly from your smart phone.

Item No. 3: Freedom Pro Keyboard

For people who need to update their presentations or documentations every day, you are advised to get yourself this portable keyboard so that you can type anything in a very convenient manner. You can type your messages, emails, documents and presentations comfortably using a full-sized QWERTY keyboard. You don’t need a desktop or notebook. Just link the keyboard to your Blackberry via Bluetooth. You can work anytime you like even when you are on the road.

Item No. 4: USGlobalSat GPS Receive

For people who are always on the road, your main concern is time. You don’t wish to get stuck in the traffic jam and you don’t want to get lost too. By getting yourself this unique tool, you will be able to reach each of your destinations on time by taking the shortest route.

Item No. 5: Music Gateway

Sometimes, we are stressful with our work and personal matters. It is time to get some fun with your Blackberry smart phone. It is not only a communication tool. It provides great entertainment to us too. You can enjoy more than 1500 channels of music from FlyCast on the Blackberry Music Gateway. When you are bored, you can let this special accessory play your favorite music through your home stereo, car stereo or any portable stereo system. You don’t need MP3 or MP4 anymore.

Now, what are you waiting for? Act fast! Get the interesting items stated above today.

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