Outsourcing: How To Get Quality It Consulting Leads

One of the less-explored areas in the IT market is ingenerating IT consulting leads, particularly in terms of getting IT consultants face to face with prospective clients. But how exactly does an IT consulting firm get quality leads?Sales leads are important factors in the race to get ahead of the competition. Lead generation is especially easy, what with the newer communications technologies available. Telemarketing is now easier with innovations such as IP telephony where voice-based signals are conducted via Internet or any IP-based networks. These newer technologies not only increase accessibility, they also reduce the cost of communications. Before, only people in the same country as the targeted prospects are able to generate leads in that particular market. But with lower operating costs, the trend today is shifting towards outsourcing lead generation to call centers in other countries.But how is it more profitable to outsource if you have a mind to have an in-house telemarketing staff? Here are some of the reasons why outsourcing is the way to go.1. It is more cost-effective. Outsourcing to call centers, especially to companies from Eastern Asia, is cheaper than having your own telemarketing staff. Living costs are, as a rule, lower in Southeast Asia than in North America. If an IT consulting company outsources to a BPO firm from a Southeast Asian country, his operating costs will surely decrease.2. Call center agents from these countries are as competent in the English language as native speakers, sometimes even more so. BPO firms, especially from the Philippines, have such high standards that Americans cant tell if the speaker on the other end of the line is American or not. They also subject their agents to a rigorous training program to further boost their competency and to help them acquire the skills necessary to lead generation campaigns.3. There is the matter of insurance. An IT consulting company, especially if it is based in the US, has to pay exorbitant rates for their employees health insurance. But if they try outsourcing lead generation to BPO companies, theyll find that its much easier that way. They dont have to pay for insurance since the company they are outsourcing to pays for their own agents. So it makes little sense for companies to employ telemarketers when the alternative is so much cheaper and more convenient.Profit and cash flow management is key for IT consulting firms. Its not uncommon for IT consulting firms to employlead generation specialistsbut there is a better, and cheaper, alternative to an in-house staff and thats outsourcing.