Finding The Right Dog Bed Deodorizers

By Jerry Brecken

After a long and tiring day at the office, how would you like to be greeted by your beloved pet’s refuse all over its bed? The mere thought of it can be disgusting.

But admit it or not, you may have been in the same situation as with other pet owners. You see, no matter how hard you try, you sometimes can’t prevent this horrible scenario from happening, more so if you have a senior dog who suffers from incontinence. You may have tried preventive measures of all sorts – putting a towel on your dog’s bed, training it to go outside the house to relieve itself, and many other tricks – to no avail. But despite these rigorous efforts, dogs still relieve themselves whenever they feel the strong urge to do so. Here is where dog bed deodorizers will save your day from foul odor.

Every sensible pet owner should definitely have one of these grooming and hygienic aides. Since stinking dog beds are common among households with pets, dog owners really shouldn’t be caught dead without one. As such, here’s what you should look for in dog bed deodorizers:

1. They should be gentle for everybody.


Examine if the product does not contain harmful elements like harsh chemicals, phosphates, aerosols, pesticides, and alcohol as they may cause skin irritation. Not only can they harm your dog’s health, they can also affect yours. So before it’s too late, look for deodorizers that are pH balanced and are made from skin friendly materials like purified water and organic extracts.

2. They should effectively eliminate strong urine and stool odors.

Remember that they should live up to their name. As such, make sure that you will go for the product that can really take away funky odors on your dog’s bed.

3. They should not smell like insect sprays.

The idea in using dog bed deodorizers is to kill nasty bed odors. Hence, do not buy deodorizers that smell equally as nasty as your dog’s refuse. Ideally, pick the ones with a more pleasing scent. Some dog bed deodorizers also have ingredients that provide specific results and benefits. Take for instance the lemon grass. This ingredient is known to repel insects. On the other hand, peppermint revitalizes dull skin, while sandalwood also provides calming effects. Moreover, specially-made essential oils also offer aroma-therapy.

4. They should be easy to use, economical, and versatile.

Dog bed deodorizers that can treat a large area are definitely a logical choice. Check if they can be used not just on dog beds but also on other places and objects, where dog odors can be traced. This will give you an assurance that wherever your dog relieves itself, you can kill its nasty odors in no time. If the bottle can be tapped to a hose for easier use and wider scope of treatment, then it is definitely a plus factor. Just make sure that you take extra caution in using these products, as some of them cannot be sprayed directly to dogs. Beware that others also require you to test the product on an area prior to using it on your dog’s bed.

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