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There are hundreds of ways to improve vertical jump. For an athlete, it is very important to learn and find ways on how to improve his vertical jump. His career and future depends on it.

There are many health benefits you can get from improving your vertical jump. Being strong, more active, more focused, keeping your health in good condition and physically fit are just to name a few.

Several ways for you to improve your vertical jump is to do strength exercises, power training and weight training.

Example of these trainings and exercises are squats, jump rope, box jumping, frog jumping, jumping jacks, lunges, plyometric drills and workouts and leg presses. They all will strengthen and provide agility, flexibility and power to help in increasing your vertical jump.

Plyometric drills and workouts are perhaps the most effective to improve vertical jumps. They are simple exercises and require no gym or training equipment. These exercises are series of jumping and hopping that provide strength and power in your muscles.


Originally, there are only two types of plyometrics. The depth jumps and the shock jumps. Understanding how plyometrics works will help to improve vertical jump.

What are Depth jumps? Depth jumps are jumps performed after stepping off a platform say a box for example. The person has to jump as high as he can as soon as his feet touch the ground without bending his keens.. Doing this regularly significantly increases the height of the jump. Increase the height of the platform as you progress.

What are Shock Jumps? Shock jumps are basically depth jumps performed with knees bent as you hit the ground, then immediately jump again. Your knees act as shock absorber and absorb the impact. You perform these jumps at a higher platform than the depth jumps.

Over the years, plyometrics became more popular and evolved into the exercises that athlete and trainers do now.

Plyometric trainings teach the body to react quickly, increase muscles mass and speed, and boost explosive power.

Other exercises that you can include are Toe Raising. The person, in normal standing position, raises his toes and holds that position for a minute or two then slowly bring his toes down. DO this for at least 20-30 times daily. When it becomes easy, increase the numbers of toe raise and use small weights on both sides. Increasing the weights as you progress; Stair Raising. Here you simply run the stairs up and down as fast as you can for a period of time. This exercises your leg muscles and tones them; Deep Knee Bend Exercises -Slowly bend your knees, your back straight then squat as low as you can slowly the come up again. Repeat this 10-15 times. Increase the numbers as you progress.

Another important thing to put in mind is to stretch first before you indulge yourself in your trainings and workouts. Stretching helps improve your flexibility which the athlete may benefit from as flexibility improves performance.

By definition stretching means to elongate a specific muscles or muscle groups to improve elasticity and tone. Stretching increases muscle control and flexibility. It is a warm up exercise that wakes your muscles and nerves and ready then for your trainings. Warming up and stretching before workouts minimize the risk of injury.

All these are just few tips and information that any athlete or anybody can use to improve vertical jump.

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