Can Cars Run On Water?}

Can cars run on water?


Ashish Arora

A million dollar question that needs a million dollar answer but lets ask our self that can cars run on water? this statement has generated a lot of controversy that one need to clear the air about it. and our verdict to the question is YES; your car can really run on water. But there is a snag to this your car must be fitted with a special device that will allow your car to run on water of course.

The water is passed through an electrolytic device that splits the water from its compound state into its proper molecules of Hydrogen and Oxygen; this is called Oxyhydrogen, a combustible mixture that is a very efficient, clean burning fuel, which produces water and not pollutants, this makes your car to run more efficiently.


The truth of the matter is that your car will still run on gas but the water will be the propelling factor that will make it to move at a very efficient rate of work Your gas will be running and nobody says you can replace fuel burning cars 100% with water but you can convert them to burn water instead of gas as the case is now.

What then is the noise for, since your car will still need gas to power well, and how do you go about fixing the device into your car? The technique is really very simple you need to get the device which is available in most hard ware stores across town, it comes along with its own do it your self guide, but if you dont know anything about fixing screws or bolts I advice you get a mechanic to do it for you, its a really simple technique if you know how, you install and the battery head of your car powers the device which will in turn burn the water and pass it through as combustible gas for your car to run on water and you will greatly love this because your engines will improve. Now you can not ask question like can cars run on water.

Do you want to

run your car on water

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Can cars run on water? }