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byAlma Abell

After much consideration, you have decided to finally take the plunge and you are going to go ahead with a home renovation. Whether it is the first time or the last time, remodeling your home can be a daunting task. It is important to be prepared know what to do and what to expect. There are always some factors to consider when planning a home renovation and proper preparation can make the experience better.

The operative word here is to “plan.” You should never undergo a renovation without a plan. This is something to thoroughly discuss with your family before you arrange for it to take place because it can be stressful. There are some factors when planning a home renovation that can come up at any moment as a surprise and that is why planning is so important.

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Planning the RenovationThere are certain important factors that will influence the extent of the renovation. These factors can include whether or not to gut a room, the entire house or not gut at all. To determine whether you should gut or not, you need to look at the basics. Some factors that govern this part of planning a home renovation include:

• Budget: What is the sum of money you can lay aside or legitimately borrow to carry out the renovations? Will you have to borrow? Do you want to borrow? How will this affect your credit?Purpose: Why are you planning a renovation? Is the purpose to make more room, better utilize existing space, modernize, or update? Is the intent to increase the value of the home for resale or to keep up with the neighbors?Needs: What needs to be done to make the room functional, modern, or simply looking faddish?Time: How long can you and/or your family live without access to certain parts of the home – particularly if it is the bathroom and the renovation is a complete one? Even if the completion time is short because it is not an extensive renovation, how long can you stay happy without access to that room?

These factors will guide you to make the best decision when planning a home renovation. They will all play a huge role in your renovation success.

Planning a Home Renovation Means DebrisOne thing you and your family need to be aware of is that there will be debris. There will also be:


These are some factors to consider when planning home renovations, in addition to how it will affect your daily routine. It is also wise to state that, no matter how well you think you are prepared, you probably are not. All you can do is make a plan, arrange for the work to be done, and think of the result. That, if nothing else, will help you take whatever is thrown at you.

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