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Puppies are wonderful, adorable creatures. They are fun, cute and so playful. It is a wonderful thing to have a puppy. You can play with them, run with them, feed them, cuddle them and take them for long walks. Yet, there is one thing that many people tend to forget – puppy training.

Puppies grow up and become young dogs. During their lifetime, they mix with other dogs and meet people as well. If they are not trained properly, what they do is no longer seen as cute. It is perceived as being intrusive, destructive and even dangerous behavior. At no time is this the fault of the puppy. It is the result of the owner and his or her family failing to realize the importance of puppy training.

Puppy Training: An Owner’s Responsibility

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If you take on the task of raising a puppy, it is important to realize that your responsibilities do not stop with providing adequate food and water. It is more than taking your puppy out for a walk and giving him or her affection. It is also about ensuring they can get along in a mannerly fashion in life. This is puppy training and it requires the cooperation of everyone in the family to ensure it is successful.

Why Puppy Training?

You need to train your puppy for any number of reasons – most are practical; some have to do with the way society views animals. Remember, not everyone will love your puppy. They may even view animals of any sort as distasteful. To be frank, some people simply don’t like dogs. Some are even afraid of them. Through puppy training, you can ensure they have no reason to dislike or fear your particular puppy.

Besides making sure your dog gets along with people, puppy training is one way for you to help your puppy remain secure. Through it you will teach your puppy to act safely. He or she will learn such basics as:

To Come When Called – This is important and will prevent your pet from approaching people and other animals that can potentially harm him or her.

To Sit – This will calm him or her down and act to prevent sudden movements or actions that could result in a person reacting negatively and, through their actions, physically harming your pet

To Stay – It halts your puppy in his or her tracks preventing actions such as running into a road after a squirrel or chasing a skunk or becoming involved in any sudden and potentially harmful actions

When you take your puppy to puppy training classes, you provide him or her with a wonderful learning experience. At the same time, they can socialize with other dogs and learn how to behave. In fact, puppy training is the first stage in teaching your favorite companion animals how to get along with others – human and four-legged. It is the very first steps of what, hopefully, will be a long and enjoyable journey for the two of you.

If you have a puppy, there is no doubt you need to do more than consider Puppy Training. If you live in Illinois, get in touch with Peace Of Mind Dog Training and Pet Care. They will be there to help you find a way for you and your puppy to bond through training in a safe and healthy manner. To learn more about puppy, dog and obedience training as well as our other quality pet care services visit us online at www.katelewisdogtraining.com or check us out on Facebook.

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