Provisioning Your Vessel

Provisioning Your Vessel



You just got that pristine trawler or motor yacht and you are excited to get her underway to take her home. You are scurrying about for what feels like days getting everything complete. Food, beverages, apparel, the list goes on and on. Suppose you forgot something?


To help you to remember everything, here is a simple check list with just about all you will require to get underway. Navigation – Make sure to have paper charts on your boat and that you know how to read them; you never know when your chart plotter will decide to give up on you. Maptech Chart Kit Dozier’s Waterway Guide Set of binoculars Up to date flare kit First aid kit Correct dock lines Correct fenders Laptop with air card Handheld VHF Flashlight Mechanical – It is critical to have standby parts on your vessel. They may be tough (if not impossible) to acquire on your journey home. You might be anchored out in the middle of nowhere and need an alternate part. Biobore diesel fuel additive Deck fill key to open fuel/water fill ports Bridle if chain rode 25 foot dock line 2 stainless shackles (1 spare) 2 sets of pliers (1 extra) Bleach to disinfect water tanks, 1 tsp/10 gallons water Mask and fins Fuel filters Extra impellors for engines Extra bilge pump Extra bilge pump float switch Standby fresh water pump Spare air conditioning water pump Oil absorbent pads Rags Tools – sockets, wrenches, screw drivers Lubricants, WD-40, Corrosion Block Engine oil Coolant Propane if boat so equipped Lighter Fill fuel tanks Outboard gasoline Outboard 2-cycle oil if needed Muriatic acid if toilets use salt water to flush Provisions – Be sure to buy enough to last the complete journey home; you don’t know if you will have access to a food market, especially if you are in the Bahamas. Food Beverages Alcoholic beverages if so desired Cups Glasses Pots and pans Utensils Dish soap Rubbish bags Galley towels Napkins/paper towels Bath towels Bed linens Bath soap Toilet paper Fill water tanks Coffee pot/coffee Personal Items – Take more clothes than you anticipate needing. You never know if you will get wet because of an unexpected thunderstorm. Clothing Deck shoes Hats Sunglasses Rain coat Money for tipping dock hands Digital camera You now must locate a space to stow everything so it will not clutter your trawler or fall over if you happen to be in rough seas. You also need to inspect all systems to be certain that they are functioning properly and that all engines have appropriate fluid amounts. Next you need to map your cruise home which means sitting down with charts and computing how far to cruise each day. Dozier’s Waterway Guide is a tremendous help in finding marinas and things to do in the local area. You may also choose to anchor out on the journey home. Be sure your generator is operating well and that its fluids are full too. It is time to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for your first day underway in your new trawler. The captain will run the yacht and his first mate will aid with navigation and line handling. The first mate should examine the paper charts while the captain focuses on the chart plotter. It is crucial to have paper charts on your boat; electronics without doubt will quit at some point in time. When pulling into a marina for the evening, dock hands will assist you with your lines and electrical cords. It is customary to tip a minimum of $5.00 per dock hand for their help. After a brief period of time, you will become used to the way your boat runs and feels. Docking will also come naturally after some practice. Your trawler or motor yacht will become so familiar to you that the slightest weird noise or odor will alert you to a problem.

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Provisioning Your Vessel