Lose Fat Gain Muscle The Most Crucial Fators To Get Fit Permanently

Lose Fat Gain Muscle – The Most Crucial Fators to Get Fit Permanently



One of the top concerns for everyone is to gain muscle and lose fat. Believe it or not, obesity is the second major cause of death in the United States these days. People can be obese due to low metabolism, hormonal problems or just their daily eating habits. In today s times when people are conscious about being in good shape, everyone wants to know how to lose fat permanently. Staying fit not only keeps you healthy, but also boosts your confidence.

Although there are no miracles when it comes to losing fat, fat loss is not a mystery. But if you are willing to gain muscles or lose fats then nothing can stop you. Here are few guidelines which are crucial for fat loss and muscle gain goals.

Drink Plenty of Water


Water is a real secret to speed up fat loss, and muscle gains. Water increases your performance and build your physique. I am talking about only pure H2O not any other drink. Replace your aerated drinks and caffeine rich beverages with water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It relieves you of any toxins that may be inside the body and helps you lose fat in the most result oriented approach and give you best results in your muscle gains.

Small Frequent Meals

Of all the nutrition strategies to lose fat and gain muscle, the practice of eating small, frequent meals – one approximately every three waking hours – is by far the most powerful way to speed up your metabolism. It s so effective, in fact, that when you see the results, you may wonder why you ve ever had any difficulty losing body fat in the past. When your goal is muscle gain, frequent eating will save your body in going to starvation mode. Starvation is the biggest enemy of your pure lean muscles. Therefore, if you want guaranteed results in your fat loss and muscle gain goals, you must eat 5-6 small meals in a day.

Each Meal Should Contain all Macronutrient

Eat healthy foods and each meal should contain carbs, protein and fats in a percentage which is suite to your body type. Macronutrient ratios alone have the ability to improve body fat loss through metabolic and hormonal control. They can also improve muscle growth and maintenance by providing a steady flow of amino acids to your muscles. Macronutrient ratios are not same for all the people. You should know how much protein and which percentage of carbs and fats is better for your body type. Here I am talking about only the macronutrient ratios, it’s very crucial to eat always health foods like lean proteins, complex carbs and good fats to

lose fat gain muscle

Training – Form of Exercise

If your goal is to burn fat then the aerobic exercise is the real secret to lose fat fast. If your goal is to gain muscle then weight training is crucial. Simply you can t lose fat without aerobic training and you can t gain muscle without weight training.

Therefore, a four part strategy, including: 1) goal setting and motivation, (2) nutrition, (3) aerobic training and (4) weight training is the best answer to your permanent fitness. All four components are important for permanent fat loss and muscle gains; neglecting any component is going to compromise your results.

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