How To Do Grooming Of Dogs At Home

How to do grooming of dogs at home


Willey Martin How to do grooming of dogs at home

Grooming of dogs may be a tough task for you if you dont know how to do it. And If you are taking help from professional dog groomer than it will cost you more. So best option is dog grooming you have to do it at home. It will help you to make a bond between you and the dog. The best time to start grooming session before meal. It will also help you to introduce dog with another family member. Grooming dogs at home is not a difficult task if you know how to do dog grooming.

There are few grooming steps you can do at home very easily. I have listed a few of them, these are as follows. 1) Bath –

Make bath regularly it will help to get rid of dust and mud from dog coat. It will also help to improve skin health. Use warm water and a good quality shampoo. Apply on entire coat of dog and massage it for 10 min. Wash it thoroughly with warm water and dry dog with help of dry towel.

2) Brushing and combing –

Next step after bathing is brushing and combing. This will keep dog coat healthy and shiny. A regular practice of brushing is must and preferably weekly 2-3 times you must have to do. If dog coat is long then daily brushing required. Combing will help to get rid of flea and ticks from dog. A good quality flea comb will be very effective.


3) Nail trimming –

Extra-large nails may create problem in toe of dog. So weekly once nail trimming should be done. Use good quality sharp, guillotine-style dog nail trimmers.

4) Teeth brushing –

Generally dog has tended to keep teeth clean and hygienic but still weekly 1-2 time teeth brushing will help to improve teeth health. Use toothpaste and toothbrush to do it.

5) Clean ear

– keep watch on dog ear during bath. Improper ear cleaning may lead to fungal infection of the ear. So weekly once ear observation and if required ear cleaning must be done.

6) Flea Medication –

The flea can attack a dog any time. So proper hygiene needed to keep away from fleas. You can use standard flea medication such as Frontline Plus or Generic Frontline Plus if infestation is serious. Otherwise home remedies for fleas can be used such as ginger or brewers yeast.

7) Eye cleaning –

Some dog breed has a tendency to drain liquid from a cornea of the eyes. So keep watch on it. Use cotton ball, dip it in water and slowly wipe around the eyes of a dog.

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