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For most of us, one of our fondest memories from childhood is going to our friends birthday parties. Of course, childrens parties always meant that elusive silly little plastic bag that we were given, with nothing more than a slice a cake, a toy and some sweets inside. They werent anything amazing, but we still loved receiving them anyway. They were a little bit like Christmas Crackers; we all groaned at them, but secretly wed miss them if they were gone!

Nevertheless, these days, party bags have become a great deal more special than that. No longer are the bags simply the bane of any mothers planning, now, they can play a bigger role, not just for children, but also for thanking your wedding and adult party guests too, typically in the form of favours.


The majority of people will choose to venture to their local supermarket for their birthday treats, but the problem with this is the fact that many of the items are mass-produced, which effectively means that they are cheaply made and do not normally look (or taste) very nice at all. Moreover, when you consider that so many people have food allergies, or special dietary needs, buying from the supermarket might not necessarily cater for all of your guests.

Buying your party bags online, from a company that puts you and your needs first, takes away a great deal of hassle, that when you are attempting to organise an event, you really do not need. Parties are all about having fun, so its important to mirror that fun into the party bags or favours that you offer your guests.

Buying online also allows you complete control over what your guests receive. This might not seem like a big deal, but its important to remember that these little bags have the power to make your special occasion memorable, because they are something small that your guests can take home with them, and keep. In addition, if you cater to each guest and their personal tastes and/or requirements they will remember you even better!

Personalising party bags allows you to make sure that your friends who live by a gluten-free or vegetarian diet, dont receive anything in their party bag that they might not appreciate. It also allows you to make sure that boys get the boys toys, and the girls get the girlie bits and bobs. Placing the name/s of the birthday boy or girl, or the wedding couple adds a nice little touch to your gifts too, either for using as a place setting or for showing your guest that you appreciate them and acknowledge how important they are to you.

Party bags can be filled with special treats like little teddy bears, miniature books, luxury chocolates, party poppers and a wide variety of items that will suit the theme of the party. However, the personalisation does not have to be secluded just to the contents of the bag. The actual bag itself can be just important as the contents. It can be used as a table decoration or a name cardholder.

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