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By Jesse Akre

If you want storage and style in your kitchen there is only one solution. From wrought iron scrolls to richly finished wood a baker’s rack will fill any corner of your kitchen with elegance and storage.

Originally used by professional bakers to cool their wares as well as display them in the street these shelves eventually made it into homes and changed from a place to cool baked goods such as pies to exquisite pieces for storage and display. Originally made of metal which received the heat transferred from the pie pans and baking sheets, baker’s racks are now made of wood or scrolling wrought iron with shelves of wood or glass. Some even come with a clock or even a spot to cradle a few of your favorite vintages. The uses and styles of a baker’s rack are endless.

Once you decide you want a baker’s rack in your home you need to begin your search for the one that is right for you. Sure you could trek all over the city to every furniture store only to be frustrated by their small, if existent, selections. But why not try shopping online at your own pace, on your own time? Not only will you be able to browse the best selection, but the best prices as well. It has never been easier to do some comparison shopping and find the right baker’s rack to fit your style and your space.

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Choose from elegantly scrolling wrought iron racks and rustic Italian racks with warm, wooden bases and a scrolling wrought iron top. Maybe you want a modern, minimalist look with a silvery metal base and glass shelves. Or perhaps you want a more traditional look with one made completely out of solid wood.

No matter what you are looking for you will find it online. Whether you want a baker’s rack to fit in the corner or one to stand prominently against one wall of your kitchen you’ll be sure to happen upon exactly what you need and want.

Another great thing about baker’s racks is that although they had their beginning s in the kitchen they are just as at home in other rooms of your house. Try one in the family room to hold books and collectibles or place one in the hall to show off plants and photos. You can even try one in the bathroom to hold towels and other bath items such as lotions and bubble bath.

They fit in any room and come in so many styles that there is sure to be one to match your motif. So whether you need a hutch in the dining room to hold your china or an office nook for your laptop, a baker’s rack will fulfill your needs. They are so versatile that you may already own one and not know it. But if you don’t you are sure to be happy with your purchase as you can use it anywhere in your home. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you lived without it and why you don’t have more.

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